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Welcome to The Cricketers, Shroton which lies at the foot of Hambledon Hill in the heart of the beautiful Dorset countryside. The Wessex Ridgeway passes nearby.

At The Cricketers you will find great pub food, a selection of real ales, and a warm welcome from your hosts Joe and Sally and their team.Daily deliveries of fresh fish, meat and local produce, combined with our choice of well kept real ales, mean that The Cricketers is the perfect choice for food or just to enjoy a quiet pint.

Joe and Sally and the team aim to make The Cricketers one of the finest pubs in Dorset. Although we are proud of our food, The Cricketers is a real village pub and you are equally welcome to drop by for a pint of real ale or a glass of wine. The pub lies between the cricket pitch and the village green. A right of way passes through the pub garden, which provides a delightful spot for weary walkers to take refreshment and recuperate from their exertions.

We are proud of our long association with Shroton Cricket Club from which the pub takes its name. The club celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2007.

North Dorset are at it aqain - May 2018

Now that the weather has improved and the A350 Traffic Regulation Orders have been approved DCC will be returning to the A350 and C13 between Blandford and Shaftesbury in the coming weeks to lay the remaining road markings, install the remaining road studs and erect the new village gateways. You may all remember the road marking and studs were delayed due to the amount of salt which DCC have had to spread on both roads in February and March. Salt ...prevents road markings from adhering to the road surface.

Traffic management (signs and information) will need to be erected to allow this work to take place safely. With the exception of the new MMA (Methyl Mathacrylate, which is more durable than standard materials) road markings that are being laid on the A350 at Stepleton Bends, these processes are fairly dynamic and will take place using stop and go traffic management. This will have a limited impact on traffic flows however some delays are sadly unavoidable.

The road widths at Stepleton Bends mean that this element of the scheme will need to be completed under a one night closure (1900-0600).


  • A350 white lines, 21/05, 1900-0600, stop and go
  • A350 Steepleton Bends white lines, 22/05, 1900-0600, closure
  • A350 and C13 speed roundels and SLOW symbols, 22-23/05, 1900-0600, stop and go
  • A350 road studs, 24-25/05, 1900-0600, stop and go
  • A350 and C13 village gateways, 21/05-01/06, 0900-1600, stop and go

Please be advised that with the exception of the installation of the village gateways all of the work will be completed at night. As the work is highly weather dependant, information signs have been erected advising road users that the A350 will be closed 1900-0600 from Monday 21st to Friday 25th. As you can see from the programme above DCC should only need to close the road overnight on the 22nd. If this date changes due to the weather I will be advised by DCC, and I will promulgate as best I can and put information on the Parish website. The remaining night work will be completed under stop and go traffic management.

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